Marriage, cohabitation, civil partnerships and divorce

There is lots of information and advice available on getting married, living together, civil partnerships (for same-sex couples) and getting divorced. Marriages The General Register Office (GRO) publishes an online guide to getting married. The website covers where you can get married, details on the residential and other legal requirements for marriage, and what you […]

Seek legal advice from a solicitor or advice agency

Seek legal advice Search a directory of approved solicitors, advice agencies and information providers. England and Wales only. How to use this service The Community Legal Service (CLS) directory provides details of all solicitors, advice agencies and information providers across England and Wales who hold or have committed to the CLS quality mark. Search by […]

Direct GOV Do it online

Do it online A listing of government forms, transactions and tools. Do it online when you deal with government Crime, justice and the law online Contact the police, find a legal advisor, report a consumer problem and much more… Employment online Find a job, pay tax and national insurance, check your entitlement to redundancy payments […]

Bogus callers and con-type burglaries

Bogus callers who may be any age and appearance, male or female, aim to trick or worry you into leaving your house or into letting them in by making up stories. Tips on stopping bogus callers They may pose as water, electricity or gas-board workers, council workers or police officers; so they can steal money […]

Reducing crime

The Government has produced advice on crime prevention and community safety which is available from your local council, police station and Neighbourhood Watch group. Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch is one of the largest crime prevention initiatives. Anyone can get involved in a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Schemes allow local people to help the police cut crime. They […]

Passports and visas

You will need a full ten year passport if you want to travel abroad. Depending on which country you visit, and your reason for travelling, you may also need to get a visa. Passports A passport must be valid throughout the whole of a trip. Applications for passports can be made to the Identity and […]

Arrest and prison abroad

If a British national is arrested or detained overseas, the local British Consul will try to help. The Consul cannot get the person out of jail, but will take action if their rights have been denied or abused. In the event of an arrest To assist the Consul you should try to provide certain details […]

Basics of the tax system

Basics of the tax system HM Revenue & Customs collects tax to pay for public services. Each year the Chancellor’s Budget sets out how much it’ll cost to provide these services and how much tax is needed to pay for them. Key taxes that individuals may have to pay include: Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, […]


History of and how it has changed into

On this website we will be showing all the different types of services the government provides for the public, and to give you an insight into how the government runs. Benefits Benefits entitlement- this will include how payments are made, benefits calculator and benefit fraud. Family benefits-this includes childcare and the sure start maternity grant […]


What benefits are I entitled too?

For a more detailed and accurate calculation that includes an estimate of how much you might get and how your benefits will be affected if you start work you can: visit your local Citizens Advice in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland use the Turn2us benefit calculator use the Entitled to benefit calculator You’ll need […]