Top Tips for Saving Money on Dental Treatment

How you can save money on dental treatment

People can often be filled with dread when attending the dentist.

No one wants the shock of being charged astronomical prices for dental treatment; with plenty of ways to save money, you can find a way to the perfect smile you want without emptying your bank account!

Here are a few top tips that is worth looking at:

money for dental insurance

Getting covered with insurance

One way to keep dental costs low is to ensure you are equipped with dental insurance. 

All dental policies can differ, so choosing the right one is essential.

Dental insurance can start from as little as £6 a month; however, more comprehensive policies are around £20 per month.

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Expensive dental treatment

The first thing that springs to my mind when enquiring about specific dental treatment is cost.

A lot of the treatments advertised seem to be getting more and more expensive these days. 

Dental prices are not always very clear. Procedures priced ‘starting from’ indicate they are estimated a lot higher than it shows! So how much do they really cost?

For example, I spent hours online looking for a fixed and affordable price for dental implants, until I stumbled across this London-based clinic, which gave me a clear and full breakdown of dental implant costs. Stress-over!

Choosing the right dentist

One of the main causes of people overpaying for dental treatment is choosing the wrong dentist.

It might seem an obvious one, but we’ve seen many a time that people can get ripped off by their local practice.

It’s essential choosing the right dentist when undergoing more delicate procedures such as a dental bone graft. See how this dentist does it!

Choosing dental finance

Dental Finance is a good option

Most UK dentists will offer some sort of dental finance option for their patients.

12 months interest-free makes it easy to spread the cost of dental treatment.

However, one downside to this is you could have to pay back interest for terms longer than 12 months, making the overall cost slightly more expensive.

Try negotiating with your dentist!

It may seem a bit strange to try and haggle with your dentist, but there’s no problem trying!

Most private dental practices set their own treatment prices, so there may be room to manoeuvre a good deal.

It’s best you ask the dentist beforehand for a quote, compare prices with other clinics and try and negotiate with the dentist on a new price.